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Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia 620 hands-on and compared

The Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia 620 sit at opposite extremes of the Windows Phone 8 family. One is a budget smartphone with the smallest screen in the Lumia range, while the other delivers Full HD resolution on its 6-inch display. But how else do they differ and compare? Check out our Nokia Lumia 1520 to Nokia Lumia 620 hands-on comparison.

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Nokia Conference


Nokia Conference makes it very easy to dial into conference calls. No more switching to the calendar app, remembering the ID/PIN codes, getting the right access number, switching to the phone app, making the call, and entering all the codes. Instead just hit one button or even join via voice command. It’s very handy for anyone that makes frequent conference calls, as so many of us do.

To join via voice, hold down the Windows key and speak the command “conference join”. We’ll automatically figure out which meeting is going on currently or about to start, say it back to you for confirmation, and connect you. If your company uses Lync, we’ll launch the Lync app to connect you.

Settings for many companies’ conference systems are stored on our server and recognized automatically. For those that aren’t, you can define the settings yourself (then you should share them with us, to spare your coworkers the trouble). If you find a conference system that doesn’t work well with the app for some reason, please let us know.

If you make conference calls to several different companies, that’s fine–we’ll automatically figure out which conference system settings to use.

After installing, you probably want to pin it to your Home screen, placing it near the top if you make many conference calls. It may become one of your most frequently used apps on the phone.

Get Nokia Conference from this link or scan the below code.

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Lumia App Lab # 13 – Maps and location API’s for Windows Phone

Learn how to use the location-related capabilities of Nokia Lumia hardware, Windows Phone Location APIs, and the HERE location platform, including HERE Maps, HERE Drive, and HERE Transit. Starting with the basics — retrieving location information from the phone and registering for background location notifications — this webinar then looks at the map-related services APIs available for your Windows Phone apps for Nokia Lumia smartphones, including APIs for map rendering, geocoding, and routing controls.

A downloadable copy of the slides from the session can be found here:

For detailed documentation on the maps features in Lumia smartphones see and don’t forget to check out the examples at

For more details about developing for Nokia Lumia smartphones visit

Check out details of the other Lumia App Labs, including the future schedule, here:

NearSpeak, an NFC app powered by Windows Phone 8

Andreas Jakl, founder of Mopius and one of the developers of NearSpeak, demonstrates how this cool NFC app works. The app pushes the boundaries of mobile technology innovation by taking advantage of NFC in combination with voice recognition, Bing Translation, and voice synthesis. Together, these technologies create a unique and compelling use case. The app has great potential for tourism, museums, events, geocaching, and many others.

NearSpeak was the first runner up in the Lumia Geek 8-Week Challenge.

To find out more about developing for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8, go to

For more information on how to develop NFC apps for Nokia Lumia go to, check out the Lumia Developer’s Library’s NFC section at, or watch the Lumia App Labs session Developing NFC apps in Windows Phone 8 at