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Lumia Amber Windows Phone 8 software update


Learn more about the update: The Lumia Amber software update is here! Enjoy even better camera performance, plus support for Nokia Smart Camera, the handy Nokia Glance Screen feature and much more.

How and when can I get Nokia Lumia Amber software update?

The Lumia Amber update begins rolling out in August – you’ll get a notification on your phone when it’s ready to go. The update will be available for Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 720, 620, 520, 928, 822, 521 and 810.

Take even better pictures.

The Lumia Amber update improves the camera capabilities across the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 range with better low-light photos, improved auto focus, enhanced noise filter and more. You will get even better shots.

Nokia Smart Camera – a burst of creativity.

Take a sequence of photos with Nokia Smart Camera, and then choose which story you want to tell. Choose your best shot, capture a sequence of motion, put the motion in focus, remove unwanted moving objects or select the best expressions to make great group shots. Download the Nokia Smart Camera app from the Nokia Collection – you’ll find it in the Store on your phone.

Nokia Glance Screen is back.

Nokia Glance Screen returns with the Lumia Amber update. With the Glance Screen, your Lumia doubles as a clock with day and night modes while keeping you up to speed on your battery status. (Glance Screen is not available for Lumia 520)

FM Radio – entertainment on the airwaves.

Powered by Windows Phone 8, FM Radio comes to Lumia. Plug in your headset and tune in to your favourite radio stations with an easy to use interface and stereo sound. (FM Radio not available on Lumia 620, Lumia 810 and Lumia 928)

TYLT CAPIO NFC Enabled Universal Smartphone Car Mount


I had a brief encounter with the TYLT Capio NFC Enabled Universal Smatphone Car Mount, and i think it is amazing. Especially with my Nokia Lumia 920. I have tried a lot of Car Mounts ever since i got my Lumia 920 and none worked for me. During the week end i had the chance to try the TYLT Capio and it blew my mind away. I think its the perfect companion to the Lumia 920 for use in the car.

The Sticky pad technology is amazing and hold the phone firmly. I recommend this Car Mount to everyone with a Lumia 920 or any other Smartphone.

The TYLT Capio w/ NFC is the next evolution in how smartphones are mounted in cars. Using a patented sticky technology, the mount can securely hold your device in place without clamps or brackets.

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 1.33.02 PM

The CAPIO with NFC can be mounted on a dash board for easy access. The CAPIO will instantly adjust to fit any phone and can instantly be detached and repositioned. In addition to hands-free support, the CAPIO allows the driver to use their NFC-enabled Smartphones to set up custom profiles for an easier and safer drive using NFC Task LauncherTM.

• Patented adhesive technology on phone cradle
• NFC 30mmx60mm chip built into the inner housing of the car mount.
• The NFC chip is Pre-programmed for hassle free set up
• Patented adhesive technology on phone cradle
• Patented adhesive combined with suction mount for superior adhesion to auto interior surfaces
• Adhesive releases cleanly from smartphone and auto interior surfaces. Guaranteed not to leave residue.
• Adhesive substrate is washable and maintains efficacy
• Two sets of detachable, adjustable support arms for phone cradle to support all smartphone models
• Ball joint neck provides easy tilt and rotation adjustment for viewing
• Made of durable lightweight, recyclable PET



I have been blessed for the second time with a beautiful baby girl, born two weeks ago and in good health. Thats the main reason I’ve been away from the blog for a while. A good friend of mine, My Nokia Lumia 920 was a great companion during this happy event and I can assure you that the Camera on the Lumia was in overdrive. I really experienced the power of the Lumia 920 camera and I am very satisfied. So if you are expecting good news go ahead and grab a Lumia 920, and trust me you wont regret it.

To come back to the Blog. I hope all readers are doing well and keeping up to date with Nokia News. I will be posting new stuff on the blog starting today. As always I thank you for your support.

Regards to all.

Making the Windows Phone commercial “The Wedding”

Get a behind the scenes look at how director Roman Coppola created the latest ad for the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone.

See the commercial here:

Make the switch:

Now’s the time to switch to the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone: Engadget Reader’s Choice Smartphone of the Year.

Windows Phone Challenge: Local Scout Galaxy S3 vs. Nokia Lumia 920

Paul, Jessica, and Nick accept the Windows Phone Challenge and attempt to beat Ben in a race to find a place to eat dinner using the search function on their phones. With $100 on the line, see which phone finishes first and which one is left searching.

Meet yours:

Turn any neighborhood into your neighborhood with Local Scout on your Windows Phone. You can jump right to information on nearby restaurants and bars, places to shop, things to see and do—even events happening in town. Plus, you’ll see detailed info and reviews, hours of operation, directions, and deals. And you can set your Windows Phone to learn what you like as you use it, so you’ll see personalized recommendations right at the top of your local search results.

Nokia Conference


Nokia Conference makes it very easy to dial into conference calls. No more switching to the calendar app, remembering the ID/PIN codes, getting the right access number, switching to the phone app, making the call, and entering all the codes. Instead just hit one button or even join via voice command. It’s very handy for anyone that makes frequent conference calls, as so many of us do.

To join via voice, hold down the Windows key and speak the command “conference join”. We’ll automatically figure out which meeting is going on currently or about to start, say it back to you for confirmation, and connect you. If your company uses Lync, we’ll launch the Lync app to connect you.

Settings for many companies’ conference systems are stored on our server and recognized automatically. For those that aren’t, you can define the settings yourself (then you should share them with us, to spare your coworkers the trouble). If you find a conference system that doesn’t work well with the app for some reason, please let us know.

If you make conference calls to several different companies, that’s fine–we’ll automatically figure out which conference system settings to use.

After installing, you probably want to pin it to your Home screen, placing it near the top if you make many conference calls. It may become one of your most frequently used apps on the phone.

Get Nokia Conference from this link or scan the below code.

QR_Conference_0264f9a0-689a-40d9-86ad-b20b70ebaad8 copy

Lumia App Lab # 13 – Maps and location API’s for Windows Phone

Learn how to use the location-related capabilities of Nokia Lumia hardware, Windows Phone Location APIs, and the HERE location platform, including HERE Maps, HERE Drive, and HERE Transit. Starting with the basics — retrieving location information from the phone and registering for background location notifications — this webinar then looks at the map-related services APIs available for your Windows Phone apps for Nokia Lumia smartphones, including APIs for map rendering, geocoding, and routing controls.

A downloadable copy of the slides from the session can be found here:

For detailed documentation on the maps features in Lumia smartphones see and don’t forget to check out the examples at

For more details about developing for Nokia Lumia smartphones visit

Check out details of the other Lumia App Labs, including the future schedule, here:

Red Bull freerunning champion tests Nokia Lumia 920

What happens when you give freerunning World Champion Ryan Doyle and traceur (that’s the official title for a male parkour practitioner) Will Sutton a couple of Nokia Lumia 920s to play with? You get a great way to put the smartphone’s video capturing capabilities through its paces.

Twelve Nokia Lumia 920s, each filming from a different perspective, were used to create the action-packed video. For the aerial shots one of the smartphones was strapped on to a radio controlled Cinestar Octocopter (keep an eye out for it in the video). The rest of the video was filmed using a combination of handheld, chest and head cam mounted phones – each shooting in 1080p HD.

The result is clear. With the best low-light performance in a smartphone to date, and the added benefit of Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), the Nokia Lumia 920 makes it easy to capture all the action – day or night. Find out more here: