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How to enable Cortana outside supported countries

Siri vs. Cortana – Happy Anniversary (Commercial)

Say hello to Cortana, your new personal assistant. Cortana will remind you to leave early to beat traffic and help you get to your destination on time, will remind you that you need milk when passing the grocery store, and will remind you to say happy birthday when your mom calls. Available now on the new Nokia Lumia 635 and on other Lumia phones.

One Coin for All of Your Cards – Interesting Tech (Off Topic)

Coin – – was featured on Wall Street Journal, The Verge, AllThingsD, Time, NBC, Today Show, CNET, VentureBeat, GigaOm, Entrepreneur, Forbes, ABC News, FastCompany, Engagdet, Inc, Gizmodo, Mashable, BGR, TheNextWeb, PandoDaily, and more! You can now Pre-Order Coin For 50% Off right now, Coin starts shipping Summer 2014.

So what is a Coin?

Q. What is a Coin?A. Coin is a connected device that can hold and behave like the cards you already carry. Coin works with your debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and membership cards. Instead of carrying several cards you carry one Coin. Multiple accounts and information all in one place.

Q. How much does a Coin cost?A. Each Coin costs $100. For you early adopters there is a very limited quantity that can be purchased for $50.

Q. What card details does the Coin display?A. The Coin’s screen will display the credit/debit card brand (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa) if applicable, last 4 digits of the card number, expiration date, and CVV/CVC (if applicable).

Q. Will my Coin work outside the U.S.?A. Not in all cases.

U.S.-based customers: Coin will work overseas, but we recommend that you bring a backup card when you travel.

Customers located outside of the U.S.: Coin does not support chip & pin (EMV) yet. If the country you live in requires EMV for credit and debit cards, we recommend holding off your purchase for now unless you only plan to use Coin for gift, loyalty, and membership cards.

Read the Full FAQ @

What’s new in Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 delivers great features like Cortana, action center, and new entertainment apps—along with a host of smaller refinements that will make your phone a delight to use every day. Dive in here to see what’s in our latest release. How do I get Windows Phone 8.1?

Moving from Windows Phone 8 to Windows Phone 8.1? Check out What’s changed in Windows Phone for the lowdown on the differences.

Meet Cortana, your digital assistant

Cortana can help you make calls, send texts, take notes, and more. She can also set reminders and alarms and keep track of things that interest you (such as news, weather, or traffic). And of course Cortana’s no slouch at finding stuff—on your phone or on the web. (Cortana is only available in some countries and regions.) Meet her


Start screen splendor

Use a favorite photo as the Tile background on your Start screen—the Tiles fit together like puzzle pieces to display the full image. There’s now an optional extra column of medium Tiles, too—turn it on and off in your phone’s settings. Learn how to set it up


Find some downtime with quiet hours

Turn on quiet hours when you’re ready for a break from rings, beeps, buzzes, and banners. And don’t worry: Cortana can let people know you’re busy, fill you in later on who called, and make sure your inner circle can still get through. (Cortana is only available in some countries and regions.)


Folders on Start

New in Windows Phone 8.1 Update. Get organized! With Windows Phone 8.1 Update, you can create folders on your Start screen and name them whatever you’d like—just tap and hold a Tile, then push it on top of another one. Find out how


Apps for entertainment

Get your movies and TV on the go with the Xbox Video app—browse, buy, and watch. The newPodcasts app makes it easier to search and subscribe, and you can now get new tunes right in the Xbox Music app.


A fun (and fast) way to type

Once you get the hang of shape writing, you won’t believe how quick, easy, and accurate it is. Just slide your finger around the Word Flow keyboard and the words magically take shape.


The world is your hotspot

Wi-Fi Sense helps you save cellular data by connecting you automatically to crowdsourced open Wi-Fi networks. It can even accept the terms of use on your behalf and provide other info to networks that ask for it. You can also use Wi-Fi Sense to exchange access to password-protected networks with your contacts.

Filing fun

With the Files app, you can search for, open, copy, share, move, and delete docs, photos, music, and more on your phone and SD card.

Notifications and settings

One swipe down from the top of your screen opens action center, where you can see notifications and quickly turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. The new volume control gives you separate sliders for your ringer and apps. You can back up more stuff to the cloud. And Storage Sense gives you a handle on your storage space—see what’s taking up space, set your SD card as the default location for installing apps, and more.


Capture that perfect moment

Kids, pets, breaching humpback whales—the new burst mode makes it easy to take great photos of challenging subjects. Plus, the camera viewfinder now offers one-tap access to favorite settings, Lens apps, and your Camera Roll.


Project yourself

You can now project your phone screen to a PC to show off family photos and whatever else you want. Just download the Project My Screen app to your PC, plug in a USB cable, and project away.

Find it on your phone

Get search results from your phone—including email, messaging, contacts, settings, calendar, music, and apps. You’ll see your phone results right alongside your web, local, and other hits.


More from Bing

Great Bing apps now come preinstalled on your phone—Weather, News, Sports, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, and more.

A spruced-up calendar

Calendar gets a major refresh with new interactive views—tap a day, and it expands to show details (and they scroll!). Plus you’ll see the weather forecast for each day, and it’s easy to add a new event from an email or text message.


Better browsing

Updates to Internet Explorer include InPrivate browsing, reading mode, and new settings to help conserve cellular data as you browse. Plus, your tabs can now sync to your PC and Windows tablet—just sign in everywhere with your Microsoft account and you’re good to go!


Sync passwords and more with Windows

Sync more with your Windows 8 tablet or PC, including many passwords and app settings. You can also sync Internet Explorer favorites and tabs, your theme color, and your favorite places in Maps.

Keep it all together in your Wallet

Keep track of even more in your Wallet—events, travel tickets, and more—plus get time- and location-based reminders for your tickets and deals.


Easier than ever to get the apps you want

The Windows Phone Store now serves up personalized app recommendations just for you. Your apps can now update automatically over Wi-Fi, and you’ll see your download progress right in the Store app. You’ll also be able to view your app purchase history, making it easy to reinstall.


For business

Now you can use VPN to connect to your workplace network on your phone. S/MIME offers added security for email sent to and from an Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) account, and workplace accounts provide a handy way for companies to give employees the apps and info they need to do their jobs. Plus, new features in Office Mobile make it even easier to get work done on the go: save Office docs to your SD card and share even more things to OneNote.

New for accessibility

Whether it’s emails, text messages, settings, or other text on your phone, you can count onNarrator to read it aloud for you.


  • Some apps and features won’t work on phones with less than 1 GB of RAM. To see how much memory your phone has, check the manufacturer’s website or your phone’s documentation. Some features might not be available in your country or region or may vary depending on your mobile operator or manufacturer. For more information, see Feature and service availability.
  • Some features are only available if your phone is running the latest version of the Windows Phone software. See How do I update my phone software? for more information about how to update your phone.

Lumia Cyan update Now Available for the 1520 In The GCC

The Lumia Cyan Update has just started rolling out for the Lumia 152o in the GCC countries. Although the special Nokia page on Global Availability is not yet updated with the news. I have just updated my Lumia 1520 to Lumia Cyan. and will updating to update 1 on the preview for developers program.

If you are living in the GCC and have a 1520 then head over to Phone Update and click check for update. your phone should start updating to Lumia Cyan.


So what does the Lumia Cyan update bring to the 1520, check out he image below. do let me know if you received the update. and share your thoughts.

If you have other Lumia phones that did not yet receive the Cyan Update in your country/region check out the Global Availability page by heading to this Link.


Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Now Available For The Preview for Developer Users


As promised last week, Microsoft have started the rollout of Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 for users registered with the Preview for Developer Program.

I have just started receiving the update on my Lumia 930. Update 1 brings some enhancements to Windows Phone 8.1 including Live Folders, Updated Xbox Music App, Store Live Tile, SMS Improvements, App Corner and privacy and security enhancements.

I will be bringing you a video tour of the new enhancements soon. If you are registered with the Preview for Developer Program, you should be getting a notification to update.

Do let me know what you think of the new Update 1.

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Lumia 930 Unboxing & Review @Nokia @NokiaUAE #Lumia930

Lumia 930 Special Early Bird Package In The House #Lumia @NokiaUAE @Microsoft


Excitement is high as, I just received the Lumia 930 special package in the post, courtesy ok Nokia UAE. This is a beautifully packaged early bird version of the 930 that is being released today in the Middle East. The package is in limited numbers and bundled with the beautiful Lumia 930, the Fatboy Wireless Charging Pillow and a Treasure Tag MINI.

The Lumia 930 was released today across the GCC and it is now available at VIVA Bahrain

I will be bringing you the unboxing and initial review by tomorrow. If you are in the market to buy a new Lumia then hurry up and grab this amazing special package and enjoy the beautiful Lumia 930.


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Lumia 625 and Lumia 630 Cases Review Provided by

I recently received a bunch of mobile cases in the mail provided by, Mobile Fun is the UK’s leading online mobile accessories retailer — offering the latest mobile phones and exciting accessories. The folks at mobilefun were kind enough to send me the cases for review.

I would like to start this review by telling you that the products that you find at mobilefun are of high quality and their after sales support is amazing.

I went through the 4 cases that were sent and I am very impressed with the quality and usefulness of the cases. Each case is unique in its own right and whatever your preference you will surely find what ur looking for at mobilefun.

Muvit Slim Folio Case for Nokia Lumia 625 – Black


This Slim Folio Case by Muvit in black houses the Nokia Lumia 625 within a form fitting hard case and encloses it with a sophisticated cover. Im not a big fan of flip cover cases but when i tested this case i was really impressed but he quality and robustness of the case. it felt very nice in the hand and it was both stylish and robust at the same time. I love the fact that it can also double as a stand where you can enjoy your movies and photos. The case also has an interior slip pocket for storing anything from your driving licence, note paper to train tickets

The Slim Folio Case for Lumia 625 contains a form fitted hard shell case that easily clips on to your Nokia Lumia 625. The case is finished in a leather-style cover that gives a premium finish to the case.

I like this case a lot and strongly recommend it if you are looking for a stylish and robust case that is multifunction and robust.

The Muvit Slim Folio Case for Nokia Lumia 625 retails for about $25.49 and can be purchased by heading to the link below.


Nokia Shell Lumia 625 – Yellow – CC-3071


This official Nokia yellow shell protects your Nokia Lumia 625 whilst giving your device a bright new look. I have always been a fan of official Nokia accessories and I love the finish of the products. The Nokia Shell for the Lumia 625 is a great add-on to your phone. it offers great protection and adds a dash of colour to your phone. it is both stylish and Robust at the same time. The case features a Hard Cover that snaps to your phone and protects the phone from dirt and scratches and minor impacts.

It is made with very light polycarbonate material and features precise cut outs to allow easy access to all of the phone’s ports and features

I really like this type of case/cover and do recommend it to anyone who wants good protection.

The Nokia Shell Lumia 625 – Yellow – CC-3071 retails for about $28.99 and can be purchased by heading to the link below.


Krusell Nokia Lumia 630 / 635 Boden FlipCover WwN – White


The Krusell Boden FlipCover in white is an ultra protective case for the Nokia Lumia 630 / 635. This case is by far the best one for me, I really love this case although i am not a big fan of flip cases but i can tell you this case changed my mind. I love the fact that it has a transparent back shell which gives a nice effect to your colourful Lumia 630/635. The front cover provides great protection to your phone. while you are in a phone conversation, you can keep your smartphone protected by talking with the cover closed, reducing the amount of dirt and dust that may otherwise enter your phone.

I really like this stylish case and highly recumbend it for your Lumia 630/635.

The Krusell Nokia Lumia 630 / 635 Boden FlipCover WwN – White retails for about $30.99 and can be purchased by heading to the link below.


ToughGuard Nokia Lumia 630 / 635 Rubberised Case – Solid Red


Custom molded for the Nokia Lumia 630 / 635, this light rubberised hybrid red ultra thin ToughGuard case provides slim fitting, durable protection against general day to day bumps and scrapes. This is the kind of case that i would describe as a no-brainer, meaning you don’t really have to think whether you should get it or not. Trust me you should, for the price of the case you are getting a good quality built case for your phone. The ToughGuard Rubberised Case combines a mixture of protection and style making this the perfect accessory for your Nokia Lumia 630 / 635. Made from rubberised plastic this case adds great protection to your phone, the unique tough gel material provides the ultimate protection for your Nokia Lumia 630 / 635. It is custom moulded to fit the Lumia 630 / 635, protecting all the corners and providing cut-outs for the important features such as the charging and headphone sockets.

This ToughGuard case is made specifically for the Nokia Lumia 630 / 635 and is the perfect protective case, which still maintains the slim profile of the Nokia Lumia 630 / 635 – ensuring that no unnecessary bulk or weight is added.

I really love this case for its quality build and price, I strongly recommend this case.

The ToughGuard Nokia Lumia 630 / 635 Rubberised Case – Solid Red retails for about $13.99 and can be purchased by heading to the link below.


This is a small sample of what mobilefun have to offer. I strongly advise you to check out their website and see what they have to offer. I thank mobilefun for providing the cases for review and thank you for stopping by to read this post. Have a great day.

And the winner is the Nokia Lumia 530!