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TYLT CAPIO NFC Enabled Universal Smartphone Car Mount


I had a brief encounter with the TYLT Capio NFC Enabled Universal Smatphone Car Mount, and i think it is amazing. Especially with my Nokia Lumia 920. I have tried a lot of Car Mounts ever since i got my Lumia 920 and none worked for me. During the week end i had the chance to try the TYLT Capio and it blew my mind away. I think its the perfect companion to the Lumia 920 for use in the car.

The Sticky pad technology is amazing and hold the phone firmly. I recommend this Car Mount to everyone with a Lumia 920 or any other Smartphone.

The TYLT Capio w/ NFC is the next evolution in how smartphones are mounted in cars. Using a patented sticky technology, the mount can securely hold your device in place without clamps or brackets.

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 1.33.02 PM

The CAPIO with NFC can be mounted on a dash board for easy access. The CAPIO will instantly adjust to fit any phone and can instantly be detached and repositioned. In addition to hands-free support, the CAPIO allows the driver to use their NFC-enabled Smartphones to set up custom profiles for an easier and safer drive using NFC Task LauncherTM.

• Patented adhesive technology on phone cradle
• NFC 30mmx60mm chip built into the inner housing of the car mount.
• The NFC chip is Pre-programmed for hassle free set up
• Patented adhesive technology on phone cradle
• Patented adhesive combined with suction mount for superior adhesion to auto interior surfaces
• Adhesive releases cleanly from smartphone and auto interior surfaces. Guaranteed not to leave residue.
• Adhesive substrate is washable and maintains efficacy
• Two sets of detachable, adjustable support arms for phone cradle to support all smartphone models
• Ball joint neck provides easy tilt and rotation adjustment for viewing
• Made of durable lightweight, recyclable PET

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NearSpeak, an NFC app powered by Windows Phone 8

Andreas Jakl, founder of Mopius and one of the developers of NearSpeak, demonstrates how this cool NFC app works. The app pushes the boundaries of mobile technology innovation by taking advantage of NFC in combination with voice recognition, Bing Translation, and voice synthesis. Together, these technologies create a unique and compelling use case. The app has great potential for tourism, museums, events, geocaching, and many others.

NearSpeak was the first runner up in the Lumia Geek 8-Week Challenge.

To find out more about developing for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8, go to http://www.developer.nokia.com/

For more information on how to develop NFC apps for Nokia Lumia go to http://www.developer.nokia.com/nfc, check out the Lumia Developer’s Library’s NFC section athttp://www.developer.nokia.com, or watch the Lumia App Labs session Developing NFC apps in Windows Phone 8 at http://youtu.be/x2RRDT_fUzI

NFC in my life


With the introduction of the new Lumia range and the fact that NFC is part of the standard offering on most devices, Nokia have set a new standard in the way we do things. So what can NFC add to my life and how I can streamline my day to day activity with NFC. Think of NFC as a push button for a robotic task, lets say that while driving my car, I want to call my wife. The conventional way of doing this task is to go to either dial my wife’s number from my contacts of from my speed dial, in both cases i will be distracted, with NFC i can program an NFC sticker, place it on my dashboard and while I want to carry out this task I only have to point my Lumia 920 to the sticker and the phone will take care of the rest. Another example of how NFC can streamline my daily tasks is that before I go to bed i can have a pre-programmed NFC chip set my alarm, dim the screen and play my relax tunes.


NFC possibilities are endless and Nokia have recently released an app to facilitate the creating of NFC workflows and writing them to supported tags. Nokia NFC Writer.


Nokia also have a superb range of accessories that are NFC enabled like the Nokia Wireless Charging Car HolderJBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for NokiaNokia Luna Bluetooth Headset with Wireless ChargingJBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker for Nokia.

The only wish i have as a Lumia 920 user is that it would have been great if Nokia included a couple of NFC tags in the Lumia package content to get us started with this amazing technology,however its not a big deal you can always buy a set of NFC tags for cheap for the following vendors. rapidnfc.comnfcdirect.co.uk and tagstand.com.

Tell us how do you use NFC and share your experience.

Nokia announces the Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder with NFC


Go wireless

Charge your phone without the hassle of cables.

Pair with NFC

Tap on NFC logo and launch predefined application like HERE Drive.


Safer charging.

No more fiddling with cables, just place your phone in the charger and go.

Tap and go.

Simply tap your phone on NFC logo to begin navigation with Nokia Drive.


Lumia App Labs #8 – Developing NFC apps in Windows Phone 8

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an emerging short-range radio technology that is poised to revolutionise how we use mobile phones in everyday interactions. In this webinar, Andreas Jakl of Mopius introduces the basics of NFC and how the technology is implemented in Nokia Lumia phones. He also demonstrates how you can use NFC from the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Proximity API in your applications to share content, read data from and write data to NFC tags, and create your own application-launch tags.

It is recommended that you install the Microsoft Windows Phone SDK 8.0 to get the most out of this training lab. Also, it will be helpful to have a Nokia Lumia phone built on Windows Phone 8 available for testing.

A downloadable copy of the slides from the session can be found here: https://www.slideshare.net/nokia-developer/lumia-app-labs-developing-nfc-apps…

Check out details of the other Lumia App Labs, including the future schedule, here:http://www.developer.nokia.com/Develop/Windows_Phone/Learn/